Thank you for joining me on my first blog post. Through out this post I will tell you what you can expect from the blog and a little bit about my self.  Overtime what you can expect from the blog is nerd news.  I am a big Marvel Comics, Star Wars, and Power Rangers fan ( I have been a fan since I was a kid, before it went mainstream).  Those are the topics I am very knowledgeable in and have a strong passion for.  Let me tell you how great it is to be a nerd right now.  I love that comics have became mainstream and everything that I loved as a kid is coming to the big screen.  Some of the movies have been great (Marvel, Star Wars, and Dark Knight trilogy), but some…. lets say… have been a crap fest.  I am looking at you Sony Marvel including the Fantastic Four (all three movies, even though the first one wasn’t that bad).  Overtime I will be giving movie reviews, rumors about movies, and movie theories and anything else you all want to hear about.  I believe I have interesting takes on movies that I haven’t seen on YouTube or on the internet.  Please follow me on twitter @NerdySportsGuy.  There you can keep up on when I have posted my newest blog.  I am going to try to blog every other day.  On busy news days I may even blog every day Mon-Fri.  I hope to have a schedule on a time you can expect a post, as soon as that happens I will let you know.  Until then may the force be with you and god bless.