To say I am excited for the new Power Ranger Movie is and understatement.  The trailer looked amazing.  I really like the new suits and the command center.  This reboot is putting a lot of new and modern twist on the old classic from the 90’s.  In another post I will make a list of all the things I like and don’t like about the new movie based off the trailers.  Lets give a little back story on the Power Rangers from the 90’s show and then I will get into the theory.  Originally the leader of the Power Rangers (Zordon) put together a team of teenagers with attitude.  The team originally was made up five teenagers with five different color suits (Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, and Pink).  Each Ranger had a power coin which gave them there powers and suits.  Rita (the evil witch) had a sixth and powerful green power coin.  Rita eventually finds a teen and puts him under a spell and gives him the green power coin. Now after that history lesson here is where the theory begins.  In the new trailers basically shows all of this, but there is a twist. This may contain spoilers, you have been warned.  There are rumors of the Zordon was the Red Power Ranger back in the day (The Leader), and Rita was the Green Power Ranger.  It looks like Rita’s outfit may have been a Green Power Ranger suit, but it looks like it has been shredded.  Probably due to her final fight before she was stopped back in the day.  Since in her staff looks like she has a green power coin (almost confirmed), its clearly looks like she is connected to the Green Ranger in some way in this movie.  My prediction is that Rita will be stopped or defeated or injured where she is going to have to look for someone take up the mantle.  The picture below is who I think is none other than Tommy Oliver aka The Green Ranger.

trainFor some reason in both trailers they you cannot make out who this person is on the train.  I have stopped and replayed it so many times and cannot tell who it is.  When researching this manner everyone seems to think that this is Zach the Black Ranger, because he was last seen on the roof top.  It could very well be him, but I just think its very strange that it seems like the movie is trying to hide this person from the audience.  It makes since to keep a fan favorite in the trailer without actually seeing him for  a big reveal.  Also in the 90’s show Tommy is the new kid at Angel Grove (where the Rangers live). So maybe he is kind of a drifter and comes to town by jumping on a train and rides it into Angel Grove.  Tommy could already be under Rita’s spell and that’s why he has come to town, or gets to town and then Rita gets a hold of him.  Either way is possible, but I like that she picks him out and travels to Angle Grove.  Then eventually he will break the curse and become one of the Rangers just like the 90’s show.  This is just my opinion on the trailer.  What do you think about this theory?  Is there any other theories you want me to cover or have my take on it?  Please comment below and let me know what you think, and thank you for visiting the NSG blog.