This entry will not be like my normal entries.  I have something I need to get off my chest.  My life is good, could it be better? Yes, I think most of us want to improve how we are living one way or the other.  Some of us want to get married, find true love, have babies, get a better job, buy a house, buy a car or something along those lines; but for me I have all of those things and more.  What I want from life you say???…. is respect.  Before you roll your eyes I am sure your significant other respects you, and most of us can say our family respects us.  I am not blind to the world I know that isn’t true for all, and for that I want to personally say I am truly sorry.  In those cases you may be better off without those people in your life, but what if your means of living (job) doesn’t respect you.  Right now that is where I am at and I know for many people you feel like your workplace doesn’t respect you.  At first I thought it was just the place I worked at so I found another job and moved on from there.  Then I hear my friends and family are having the same problem.  We all work at different places in different fields, but we all seem to still have the same problems.  How can this be???  Here is what I came up with..  It’s companies who crap on their employees, but except them to walk in every day and give it 100 percent each and every day with a smile on their faces.  CEO’s do not have to deal with customers or power hungry managers who make working a living hell.  I have seen employees come in and do all of the right things and bust their butts everyday, some working two jobs and never being rewarded for it.  At my place I was told that I was going to hold a position that was going to let me provide for my family better, then I get passed up for the position, because this other person was there longer.  Now we have this guy who have been here longer who doesn’t know how to my job and doesn’t even do his job good enough.  Oh yeah I  forgot to say that he is a manager and doesn’t know how to do everybody’s job like I do.  Enough about me that is just an example of things that go on in the workplace that needs to change.  The best companies who have great customer service and who have good workers , are the companies who take care of the little guys, you know the people who are the face of your company and who is pushing your products and or services.  If you have had an experience similar to mine, please feel free to comment and tell me your story.  Lets let companies know that they cannot push the little guys around anymore.  One last thing if your a manager or a CEO who is over people at companies, pay better, treat better and they will work better.